Loan Information

D'PUC Credit Union offers a variety of loan programs.  Complete application and mail or fax (312) 793-5549 to us with the following information current income statement and documents to substantiate any additional income and reason for loan.

Current Promotional Loan: Members could be eligible to borrow $500 to $5,000 starting at 8.9% for a maximum of 24 months repayment depending on your creditworthiness and debt-to-income ratio. *

Debit Consolidation Loan: Member loan rates starting at 7.9% APR.   Minimum $500.00 maximum $7,500.00 for a maximum of 36 months repayment depending on your creditworthiness and debit-to-income ratio.

New and Refinance Unsecured Signature Loan: Member loans starting at 13.9% APR.  Members are eligible to borrow $500 to $10,000 for a maximum of 36 months to repay depending on your credit worthiness and debt -to-income ratio

*Share Secured Loan: Member loan rates starting at 7% APR. *

Credit Union Visa: Credit Card APR from 8.9% apply up to $10,000.00 based on members beacon score and debt ratio.  * Minimum of $250 in shares, which will be held as collateral against this visa. Share Secured Visa Credit Card interest rate starting at 10%. The Visa limit is based on shares, which will be held as collateral against this Visa card.  (Example:  A member is approved for a Share Secured Visa in the amount of $500.   The credit union would hold $525 as collateral, and these funds must remain in your share account until the Visa is closed and paid in full.) Click here for more information.

Automobile Loan (New Auto): Interest rates range from 4% to 9% for new automobiles financed from 24 to 72 months maximum.*  New Automobile Loans:
Credit Score/Interest Rates

                    Credit Score                    Interest Rates - starting at
24 months    750 - up                              4%                                       
36 months    600 - 749                             5%     
48 months    450 - 599                             6%
60 months    500 - 549                             7% 
72 months    500 - 549                             8%        

Auto Loan (Used Auto, No Older Than Five Years): Interest rates range from 6% to 10% for used automobiles financed from 24 to 48 months. *

Credit Ratings/Interest Rates

                       Credit Score                  Interest Rates - starting at
24 months       750 - up                               6%
36 months        600 - 749                            7% 
48 months       500  - 599                            9%

D'PUC will finance an automobile up to 100% of the purchase price or NADA retail value (whichever is lower) based on credit worthiness and debt-to-income ratio.   When applying for an Automobile loan please enclose Buyers Order Document from dealership.  This document provide us with the entire balance due on the automobile, VIN number, description of vehicle, including total purchase price.  Once loan has been approved the Credit Union will issue a check payable to the dealership.

Mortgage loans (New or Refinanced): Members can contact CU America: (630) 620-5200 local (800) 351-0449 outside of Chicago

For a preferred rate, notify CU America that you are a D'PUC Credit Union member.

 * Interest rates on all loans are based on the members' credit worthiness and debt-to-income ratio.