Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Am I eligible to join this credit union? How?

You have to be an IDES employee, Human Services employee, Department of Public Aid employee or a Children and Family Services employee. Please come to our credit union with a valid driver's license or state ID, a minimum of $26 to open an account, a membership form (you can pick up from D'PUC if you don't have it already) and a payroll deduction authorization card.

2) What is a proxy?

Each proxy vote is cased equally for each board member at the credit union annual meeting.  The par value of each voting share is $25.  (Example:  If you have $100 in shares, you have (4) four voting shares.   If you wish to cast your proxy vote, you must attend the meeting and request that your proxy card be returned to you.  If a proxy card is mailed to you, it is because we do not have one on file for you.  You will not receive a proxy card if we already have one on file.)

3)  When should receive a 1099?

Any member who earned dividends over the amount of $10 will receive a 1099 from D'PUC. This information is reported to the Internal Revenue Service, so make sure that you comply and include this information when filing your tax return.

4) How do I update my beneficiary?

Please stop by D'PUC for a form to change/add a beneficiary. This cannot be done online because D'PUC needs an in-person signature to protect your identity. You can also call the Credit Union, and a beneficiary change form will be mailed to your address.

5) Are there any fees with my account?

There is a $35 fee to place a stop payment on checks issued to you from the Credit Union that you wish to place a stop on.  There is a $25 fee to withdraw funds early from any club accounts. Each member is allowed two withdrawals per month  A $5 fee is charged per additional withdrawal per month.  (All fees will be withdrawn from the shares.)

6) Why is my check taking so long to get here?

When a member requests a check to be mailed to him/her, D'PUC cannot guarantee when the check will arrive. If the request is urgent, the most efficient way to receive the check is to pick it up directly from our teller window or contact D'PUC beforehand if someone is picking up the check for you. Although some members get their checks quicker than others, please allow 7 to 10 business days before requesting a stop payment on the check. The member will be held responsible for the nonreversible $35 stop payment fee.

7) I can't pick up my check. Can someone else do it for me?

Yes. Provide a note with your signature included that states the person picking up your check is authorized to do so or fax a note directly to D'PUC with your signature on it for security purposes. The person picking up a member's check must have valid photo identification.

8) How do I start collecting the collector state quarter/president coins? 

Please call D'PUC, and a representative will add your name to a list. The representative will call you when the coins area available. The turnaround time to receive coins from the factory varies according to when the coins are minted, but when the coins are received, we try our best to call you to pick up your coins or if they are to be mailed to you we try to mail them to you as soon as possible.

9)  Who owns a credit union?

Most financial institutions are owned by stockholders, who own a part of the institution and intend on making money from their investment.  A credit union doesn't operate in that manner.  Each credit union member owns at least one share of the organization.  The member is also entitled to vote on important isues, such as the election of members' representatives to serve on the Board of Directors who are then responsible for the day to day operations of the credit union.

10)  What is the minimum amount to open an account?

The minimum amount to open an account with D'PUC Credit Union is $26.  One share is $25 plus a onetime membership fee of $1.  You must have a minimum of $250 in shares to earn dividends on a share account.  

11)  Do I need to be a member to apply for a loan?

Yes. You must be a member of D'PUC Credit Union and have a minimum of $100 in shares to apply for a loan from D'PUC Credit Union.

12)  Do I need to be a member to apply for a credit card?

Yes.  You must be a member of D'PUC Credit Union and have a minimum of $250 in shares to apply for a Visa. 

13) When are Christmas Club/Gone Fishing checks distributed?

Please follow D'PUC on Twitter and Facebook for real-time announcements. The dates will also be published in our biannual newsletters.