Applications and Forms

Complete the entire application, including security MMN (mother's maiden name). Please sign where indicated and include the $26 application fee ($25 for one share will be deposited into your account, and a $1 membership fee); if mailed, two copies of a valid driver's license or state ID; a  completed payroll deduction card; and a completed payroll authorization form. (Note: If this information is brought to the window, valid ID is required but the copies will be made by the credit union office staff.) 

Credit Union insured by American Share Insurance (ASI). American Share Insurance (ASI) insured your savings and deposits in the credit union up to a maximum of $250,000 per account. 

Membership Application (two pages)
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Please sign and return the proxy card with your membership application (PDF form above).  By doing this, you are giving the Board of Directors authorization to vote for you in your absence.
Proxy Card
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If your legal name, mailing address, phone number, e-mail address or other contact information has changed, please submit this form to us by mail, fax or drop it off at the ticket window. D'PUC will update your contact information promptly.
Change of Address form
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Complete the entire application indicating the reason for loan request, amount, repayment terms, and all creditors and outstanding balances. Include a copy of your current payroll check statement and a valid driver's license or state ID. If you have any additional income you want us to use when determining your eligibility, include written proof.  If you are using this form for a new or used automobile loan, include a copy of the dealership's Purchase Contract/Bill of Sale. If you are using the form for a refinance auto loan, we will need a minimum 10-day payoff letter from your finance company.

Loan Application
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All members applying for a Credit Union Visa must submit the application by mail, fax or in person and attach your current income statement. Please complete the entire application, indicating "n/a" where applicable. The member must have a minimum of $250 in shares to apply for our credit card, which will be pledged and held as long as the card is active with the credit union. Shares will not be released until the credit card has been closed and paid in full. You authorize us to apply these shareholdings to pay any amount due on the account or under this agreement if you should default. Interest rates and all fee disclosures will be provided when application is submitted and approved.
Credit Card Application
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